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1. The wire does not rotate with refueling, and the service life is longer and more convenient;
2. No sliding contact, spring-loaded technology, the handle is more flexible;
3. Hand-integrated injection molding, waterproof, dustproof, longer service life and safer;
4. One handle can be applied to 22mm and 25-way models; split single and double 360 a??a??degree throttle design
5. Aluminum ring hoop fastening: The left hand secures the aluminum hoop hoop. Exercise is safer. Improved old models with iron ring fixed easy to swing
6. Ultra-thin turntable: The left and right hand turntables are thinner and more beautiful, and it is more convenient to press the speakers.
7. The wire does not turn with the fuel: the right hand wire and the power wire are spring-loaded, and the joints are all soldered to ensure waterproof and corrosion protection.
8. Use the anti-detachment ring to prevent the hand from coming out, because it is more flexible without eccentric rotation. Improve the old model with a hoop to fix the handle. The screw is loose and easy to come out. The screw is tight and the eccentricity will be inflexible.
9. Switch type: three-speed adjustable switch
10. Product accessories: one pair of right and left handles, one throttle stick
11. Material: imported nylon, soft plastic TPU environmental protection material
12. Input voltage: 12V
13. Product power: 25W (one pair of power)
14. Handle temperature: 50-70 Celsius degree adjustable
15. Switch type: three-speed adjustable switch
16. Handle length: left hand handle: 14.5cm right hand handle length: 15.1cm, handle diameter: 2.2cm
17. Weight: 249g

Installation method:
1. The oiler is installed in the throttle seat: the oiler is installed in the throttle seat, the throttle cable is attached, and the cover is closed. Then the right handle is inserted into the oiler for flexibility. It is not flexible to polish the oiler.
2. Insert the Yamaguchi oiler with the right hand: coarse positioning: Align the anti-turning elbow of the right handle with the throttle puller column or other position basin of the front, insert the right handle so that the elbow rests on the puller column and mark the intrusion position cover. Fine positioning: Try to change the cogging multiple times at the mark, even if the elbow does not rotate and the angle is moderate, the car does not affect the refueling. The idling angle of the right handle is not more than 120 degrees, and generally adjusted to 75-90 degrees to meet the car refueling. The stepping angle of the tooth groove is 15 degrees.
3. Install the anti-offlet into the throttle seat. Insert the right handle into the oiler. The anti-offset must be installed in the throttle seat! The anti-offset is to prevent the right handle from coming out of the fuel seat and causing a safety accident. The shell of the individual scooter will be inserted between the right handle and the oiler. At this time, the anti-detachment ring cannot be installed in the throttle seat. The 502 rubber should be dropped at the connection between the oil filler and the anti-detachment ring to prevent the right handle from coming off. Immediately after the glue is dripped, the right hand is placed to prevent the flow from entering the handle and turning.
4. Tilt installation for extended life: tilt the left switch to install rainwater to extend the life of the switch. If the switch is in poor contact, the gasoline can be repeatedly pressed. Use the blade to remove the button to scrape the contact rust and clean it with gasoline.
5. DC power supply model connection: DC model features headlights are powered by batteries. Shirong handed the black line to the positive, and connected it to the 12-volt line on the faucet. The line must be able to turn off the power when the faucet lock is turned. If the power cannot be turned off, the battery will be drained when the handle switch is forgotten. Hand the green line to the negative ground of the vehicle.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.33kgs / 0.73lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 7.92kgs / 17.46lb
Carton Size 48cm * 30cm * 30cm / 18.9inch * 11.81inch * 11.81inch

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